About MAGS

  • Exhibitors

  • Marketing

  • Hardwork

We do Gun Shows

Militia Armaments was founded in 2014 with the purpose of providing high-quality Gun Shows targeting firearm lovers everywhere. We have now expanded in many semi-annual Missouri-based locations.

Ultimately, we believe Gun Show success requires accountability in three areas. Our current mission is to deliver consistency and quality in these key areas:

Satisfied Exhibitors

Exhibitors are the backbone of a well-oiled Gun Show. Without YOU the show literally could not go on. At MAGS, we treat you with respect and work hard to ensure your success.


Everyone’s success depends on customer turnout. We use traditional and non-traditional marketing methods extensively to drive attendance of serious buyers.


We work hard, for months in advance to drive attendance to each of our shows. Each MAGS show is professional designed, marketed and promoted for optimal industry recognition and public awareness.