Free Gun Shows

Free Gun Shows are coming to America!

Militia Armaments is now offering a FREE Gun Show admission option and is is as easy as signing up for a website and letting your computer do the work for you.


We have partnered with the N2AA – National Second Amendment Association, which will launch the world’s first pro-gun / pro-2nd Amendment Social Media Platform ever! With your free membership to the N2AA, not only will you be able to stay in contact with all your buddies from the gun show, you will also be able to post status updates, form public, private and secret groups, make new friends and private message them, take part in the marketplace as well as earn 2ACoin (ARMS) which can be used to pay for admission to MAGS Gun Shows and purchases at other 2nd amendment retailers.


7 ARMS (or $10) is the cost for admission to get into the show. Learn about the 2ACoin (ARMS) in the video below, sign up for a free account and start earning ARMS today.


You can now purchase those tickets online or at the door with ARMS using ARMSVault, the mobile wallet for Android.

See you guys & girls over at the N2AA: